Standing in the Gap

Day 5 – Standing in the Gap Intercession is praying for someone else. The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ constantly intercedes for us (see Romans 8:34), so it pleases God when we intercede for someone else—including heads of state and others in authority—because we are doing what Christ does. Read: 1 Timothy 2:1-4 There are […]

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The Fatherless to Return to the Father

Day 4 – Return to the Father Read: 2 Corinthians 6:16-18, Romans 8:16-17 The love of our Father is too wonderful to comprehend. We are blessed beyond measure simply knowing that He is patient with us. He is longing for the day we learn to walk as true sons and daughters of God. He is also […]

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Power in Praying & Worshipping God

Day 3 – Power in Praying & Worshipping God A true intercessor delights in worship and praise. Prayer rises to God on the wings of worship. Requests and praise are two sides of the same coin. Read: Acts 16:16-26 Intercessors do not come to God being offended about what He has not done. Moaning is not praying. […]

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Prayer by Faith

Day 2 – Prayer by Faith Prayer works because God is in control. The basis of all miracles is God’s sovereignty. We have to trust his wisdom and his goodness. Prayer is not getting God prepared to do our will, prayer is getting us prepared to do God’s will. Read: Mark 11:22-25 Twenty times in […]

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Created for God

Day 1 – Created for God We are created for God: uniquely, fashioned in the image of God for a particular purpose. What it means to find your destiny is to find your creator who has created you. It’s not who you are alone that defines you but whose you are! You belong to the […]

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