Dear Beloved MPCers,

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is developing rapidly. We as the church has a responsibility to always look after the wellbeing of our people – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

As this crisis evolves quickly, there are many areas requiring adaptations and adjustments, to ensure that MPCers are well taken care of and protected, embracing the new normality. 

The Bible says that “a prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions (Proverbs 27:12). Therefore, we believe that we need to implement these next steps and changes for the church activities, effective immediately:

  1. Saturday / Sunday Services
    We will NOT have our Saturday/Sunday Services from this coming Saturday 21 March 2020 for the next three consecutives weekend (or until further notice). We will instead have a single, combined virtual service and we hope you can join us on the live stream. The first service will be held on Sunday, 22 March at 10.30AM, live on Melbournepraise Facebook page.
  2. Cell Groups
    We will NOT have Physical Cell Group Gathering for the next three weeks as well (starting next Friday 27/03/2020). We will instead have a virtual live meeting where cell members can join in. The detail on this will be announced soon as well.
  3. Discipleship Training
    We are postponing our Training with Steve Addison (18 April 2020) until further notice.
  4. Ignite Camp
    We are cancelling our Ignite 2020 Camp (1-3 May 2020), and will try to find an alternative date in the future. We will refund the deposit or payment that has been processed.
  5. Communication
    We will continue to keep in touch by communicating through digital platform. Please stay in touch through our Instagram, Facebook and WhatApp group.

God is kindly reminding us that THE GREAT I AM is in control. We believe that He will lead us THROUGH this difficult situation.

Please keep praying for one another at this very difficult times, and for the people around us. Please uphold and pray for the leadership of the nations to make right decisions.

Keep the faith, keep the hope and God bless you all,

Ps. Yudah Soetopo
On behalf of MPC Leadership
18 March 2020

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