Video Source: Passion Conference 2020. Speaker: Ravi Zacharias

Day 1 – Created for God

We are created for God: uniquely, fashioned in the image of God for a particular purpose.

What it means to find your destiny is to find your creator who has created you. It’s not who you are alone that defines you but whose you are! You belong to the Lord.

Read: Luke 8:5-15


  1. Ask God to show you the soil / condition of your heart. Listen to His answer.
  2. Draw a picture of a heart.
  3. Look at the picture as if it is your heart. What is the colour of your heart at this moment? (Yellow, blue, red, black, etc or mix) – Put colours on it.
  4. Add more details of the condition of your heart:
    1. Is there any hardness in it?
    2. Are there any stones or thorns?
    3. Are there wounds? Is it bleeding?
  5. What caused these things?
  6. Where is Jesus in the picture?
  7. Humbly come to God, surrender your heart to Him, repent & ask Him to come & minister healing to your heart.

Surrender to Him, love Him, follow Him, serve Him, live for Him and take His message wherever you go.

Ravi Zacharias

5 Days Fast and Pray Devotional

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