She is just a girl with a modest background, raised by her grandparents in a simple small house. There is nothing fancy about her dress or her job. Only later in the fifth episode people find out that she is the missing daughter and legal heir of a mega-rich family. A pretty common storyline in the drama series, isn’t it? 

What is it about our obsession with this idea? That things are more than they seem (in a good way). That there is a pleasant surprise waiting for us somewhere along the road. Could it actually reveal a deeper longing inside of us? A longing that perhaps God himself planted deep in every soul. “There has got to be more than this. I am more than this.”

Imagine being an heir to a billionaire. Wow… The security, comfort, and assurance that come with it. What we have in Christ is even more than that. So much and infinitely more. We are the children of God. We are heirs to the King of Heaven, creator and owner of… pretty much everything. Just think about that for a while. 

By Ps. Kornelius Yap

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